Thoughts for the day…Surrender as a theology for ministry…

In anyones first call as a pastor or in the life of a seasoned pastor I can’t help but wonder if there are those in pastoral leadership who don’t practice the ministry of surrender. I don’t recall ever hearing in seminary that as pastors, teachers, and leaders within the church that we as the people of God need to humbly learn how to submit and surrender to the grace and mercy of God. How does one in pastoral leadership in the church surrender to the Lord? How does a person truly model true submission in the deepest sense of the word? How do I become a theologian of the cross who models what it means to surrender to the work of the cross and not a theologian of glory as Luther describes in his Disputation of 1518? How do I become a pastor who truly surrenders my life to God? Just some ramblings for the day. Back to work.

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