It’s our job…

(The Sanctuary at CPC)
This past Sunday morning I got the short straw and was responsible for preaching at our Easter sunrise service. Now I’m not complaining. I know Associate Pastors who rarely get to preach. I’ll take any opportunity even if it’s at 5:45am at a sunrise service. Mind you the previous day we just got back from our annual Mexico mission trip with our church’s youth. After being up at 4:30am to lead the 5:45am service I rushed over to the church for the three remaining services to assist in worship leadership. Some how I managed to fall alseep on the chancel of our church’s sanctuary sitting with the other pastors and then hearing our “HOS” preach. After our 9:30am service one of our church’s members approached me and said, “It’s our job to fall a sleep, not the pastors job.” In my sleepy state I laughed as hard as I could then rushed back to the sanctuary for my final of three naps. Thank God for people who recognize that those in pastoral leadership are just as human as those who sit in the pews.

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