Another trip for the records…

Three houses, some mud, and a bunch of tired youth and adults we made it back. What made this trip different from the others? For the first time ever in my ministry I got to have my family along for the ride. Our kiddoes got to work side by side with our youth and were able to experience another culture without electricity, running water, and a game cube system. My wife got to hang out with us and helped cook for 62 people and I got to kiss my wife and kids good night at the end of each day after our youth groups camp fire. When I asked my 8 year old what he learned his reply was, “dad, the kids down there don’t get mad about the things I get mad about not having.” That alone was worth it to me in having them along for the ride and for the Lord to work on my kids hearts when it comes to their attitudes about how they look at life.

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