An Old Post I Forgot About…

I was again struck by the blessings of parents and involvement of parents in our ministries to youth. Our mission trip next week come to think is run by a majority of parents. Here’s an old post I wrote back in November…My children attend a wonderful school close to the church I serve as a pastor. One of the things I’m most impressed with the school is that when I go on a field trip with one of my kid’s classes, the teacher is usually the one not in charge of the trip. Its the room mom or parent. The room parent is in charge and you don’t mess with the room parent. They know whats happening, when, where, and how. They know who is going and who is not and they know who owes and who has paid for the trips. It hit me that I kill myself with the details of running an event or trip for our youth groups. Why not ask a parent to be a room parent for the youth groups? A parent just about two weeks ago came to me and asked me, “K.C., what do you need help with?” I have resigned from my job and I’m an at home mom now. I almost fell out of my chair and I said, “funny you should ask. I need a room mom for the youth groups, someone to coordinate special events and trips that we almost annunally offer to the students.” She agreed to the job and just this past week coordinated a Thanksgiving Progressive dinner for our middle school students and then one for our high school students. She planned, called, recruited, made a schedule, and put a flower arrangement together from the youth groups for each of the dinner hosts. Its only been two weeks since she has taken this on and I only pray God will use her to allow the youth workers and myself to be in the trenches with our kids. If anything it was sure nice to be with kids and to know that things were all in order for a brief moment in time so that I could actually do what I feel called by God to do and what the church has called me to do as a pastor to students and their families. I have to tell you that with about a dozen plus years of youth ministry experience its been a while since I have experienced the blessing of a parent who wants me and my staff of youth workers to succeed. What even really felt nice for a change was to think that we as youth workers also bless our parents when we let them know that they are needed. The real fruit of this “room parent” concept is what will the ministry will look like when God calls my family and I on to serve in another church? Hopefully it will look like a place where parents will begin to trust and want their youth to benefit the blessings of a youth worker who is not burned out or ready to quit because they are weekly feeling burdened and exhausted with the administrative tasks that come with the call to be a fulltime youth worker.


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