Does it still work?

For close to 20 years now our church has coordinated youth mission trips to Mexico. Everything from the typical Vacation Bible School to the house building project. Next weekend I again get to participate with our church and students from three different youth groups in our annual mission trip. I am excited and at the same time I’m hoping and praying that the Lord will remind those who go on these trips of the importance of not only being aware of mission around the world (In our case 8 hours south) but mission next door. How do we equip and send our students out into the world next door? How about to their high schools? How about making them aware of those who go hungry daily in our own neighborhoods? I have no doubt the annual youth group mission trips work and that the Holy Spirit moves our youth to service. At the same time I hope and pray God will use the “traditional” youth mission trip in educating our students about being sent out not only down south, but down the street. How do I teach our youth about how to see the needs of our own community?

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