Is this true about our churches?

One of the many struggles I’ve seen over the years within the life of our churches is how do we welcome kids into church? Where do they sit? In the front? In the balcony? In the back? Do we only let them help in leading the service of worship on the “traditional youth Sunday” or do we let them help on a regular basis with all of the components of a worship service? One discussion I heard recently is you rotate kids by grade level. 1st grade on the first Sunday of the month, 2nd grade on the second Sunday and so on and so forth. How does the church model for kids on what true biblical life changing worship is without causing so many of our kids to become afraid to even step into our sanctuaries? How do we imitate this kind of worship where the Lord can change the lives of our kids? Something the students at our church do on a regular basis is sit up front during our services. The majority of youth though attend our second service which has all of the bells and whistles of a “contemporary” service with the band, powerpoint, pastors wear no robes, and none of the liturgy that you would find in our first service except for a prayer of confession and an assurance of pardon. Of course we have the “traditional youth Sunday,” where not only the youth help lead, we also have the children take an active part in the ushering and scripture readings. Then several of our youth prepare more of a sermonette with highlights of their Mexico mission trip the previous month. Is it perfect? By all means no. Students will talk up a storm during the service and even the sermon, but there’s an obvious sign that kids exist and I certianly praise God for their presence.

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