Around 1970 sometime my family lived in Dallas, Texas. Don’t recall why we went to Dallas. My youngest half brother Moon was born on February 8, 1971. Moonman was a great guy. He was nicknamed after Alan Shepard the Astronaut. Both of my of my half brothers Scott and Moon were just as much involved in the church as I was as a youth. They went to all of the same camps, youth group stuff, and church related kid stuff as I did. What I remember about Moon the most was his involvement with the whole “punk-skin head” scene of the late 70’s early 80’s. When Moon finally moved out sometime when he was 13 years old I never saw much of him again. Occasionally he would visit but I didn’t hear much from him until sometime in 1997 when Deb got the news one day while I was working at church that Moon was found dead on his apartment floor in Hollywood from a crystal meth overdose. My brother Moon’s 35th birthday was last month. All I know about my brother’s faith was that he too accepted Christ at Forest Home as a youth and if my memory serves me right God’s grace is just as sufficient for both of my brothers as his grace was for me. As for my brother Scott I pray God sends him a donkey to get his attention as he did for Balaam in Numbers 22:22-35.


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