Proud DAD I am!

(Lord Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of Scouting)
If you haven’t read much of my wannabe blog lately I have shared a small tidbit of my story. Part of that story and the proudest years lately of my life have been my marriage to Deb and the blessings of being a father. If you have read my blog you will know that God has walked with us and that we have beaten the odds. I am more in love with Deb then I have ever been. God’s grace has been very much apart of our marriage and if it weren’t for key people in our lives we would not be where where we are at in our marriage today. Come this November we will have been married 15 years. Thank you Lord! I am also proud to be a dad. One of my sons tonight achieved something his dad never achieved. Tonight at a scouting celebration dinner we watched several young men bridge over to becoming boy scouts. Tonight was his last night of being a Webelos Cub Scout. He completed the highest award as a cub scout. His arrow of light. Tonight he became a boy scout. Now why is this such a big deal? Okay. Its a big deal to me more than him. He’s growing up. I’m jazzed. I get to rejoice. I’m his dad. I can be proud. I am proud. I thank God that I can share with my son my joy and love that he worked hard and that he should be happy. Okay. I’m done with the mushy dad stuff. I’m just proud. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for my boy!


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