My Ideal Church

There are a few blogs I cruise over almost daily. One of the blog posts from “It takes a Church” asks the question a few blogs ago what the ideal church is? I guess my ideal church relates to some of my story that I have posted here and there. In a church of almost 3000 “on the rolls” there were about a handful of folks who I would say modeled the ideal church for me while growing up as a youth. It was a church that was accepting of those who didn’t look like the church. It was the church that was present with me in all of my stuff when “my not so ideal” family unit was falling apart in front of my eyes. They were my surrogate parents. It was a church of no strings attached. There was nothing expected back. Nothing I had to do. Nothing I had to wear. A church that loved you with the gospel when the love the world gave continued to hurt and bruise the soul. A church not ashamed of the gospel. These folks were not ashamed of giving to me Jesus as a kid. The good news that a relationship with Christ truly provided rest for a soul that needed much rest. They were my church and they through God’s mighty hand the reason I am a husband, father, and pastor. Called to proclaim Christ to a world in need of hope.


One thought on “My Ideal Church

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