How do you veteran preachers do it?

(This John Nash sighting has nothing to do with preaching…it’s one of my favorite Princeton Pics my princeton buddy Jenny took while we were driving in princeton)
As a “new-bee” associate pastor I am grateful that I have gotten to preach in our morning services about every 6-8 weeks. I have known and heard that there are AP’s who only preach on youth Sunday or when the Senior is out on the Sunday after Christmas. I have a way cool pastor who feels that all three of us pastors need to be in the pulpit on a regular basis. Now I’m not complaining and I am thrilled when I get to break out my Bibleworks (my apologies to my cool Greek Prof. at PTS) and my used set of Interpreters Bible Commentaries. My question is how do you seasoned pastor types do it almost every week? And how do you recover from at least two sermons? (Also knowing some of you preach three, even four a weekend)


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