“Follow the yellow line”

Back in 1977 my father was a printer by trade and happened to work for a man by the name of Mr. Young who owned a small print shop on Highland Ave in Hollywood. Mr. Young being the good elder he was (from the church I would call home and still in many ways call home today) took it upon himself to invite my father to church. Dad was by his very nature a printer. It was in his blood. I can still smell the smell of print ink that seemed to linger everywhere in our little house on McCadden Pl. in Hollywood. Just right around the corner from Mr. Young’s print shop. My father wasn’t your average church goer but for some reason responded to the invitation given to him by Mr. Young. The Holy Spirit was indeed at work that day. Well, dad never did make it to church but felt the need to get us three boys out of bed one Sunday morning when I was in the third grade. This however was a bummer as an 8 year old because that meant the regular preaching of speedracer, mightymouse, and popeye cartoons had to wait on this particular Sunday. I remember it like it was yesterday. We made the mile walk to church and there we met Mr. Young. He met my father and gave us clear instructions. You see the church had different colored lines that led to different places around the church campus. His instructions were, “follow the yellow line, that line leads to the Christian Education building, you can sign up your kids there for Sunday school.” Following that yellow line would change my life. To be continued.


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