“Tiger shirts, tough skin jeans, and plastic topsiders”

When I was a junior high kid in my church’s youth group I can’t help laugh at my attempts at trying to fit in with the other kids when it came to what an 80’s adolescent boy should and shouldn’t wear. My mom often shopped at the near by Zody’s department store where her “layaway plan” was the reason I had clothes on my back. One day I was able to find a “tiger shirt, a pair of tough skin jeans that almost looked like Levis and a pair of plastic “wannabe” sperry topsider deck shoes.” I was convinced that I would be accepted by this mostly affluent church culture filled with preppies and wannabe’s that worked hard at trying to be a light to the city. Today I know now my story only adds to helping those I work with in youth ministry in caring for those who come from the have’s and have not’s. As I finish reading Miller’s book I can’t help but think that there are stories to be told. Stories that need to come alive. In later posts I will continue to tell some of my story. My testimony on how God’s grace through his people helped my story become what it is today as his child.


One thought on ““Tiger shirts, tough skin jeans, and plastic topsiders”

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