Ash Wednesday

This past Wednesday was the first time I was in the role as a pastor of imposing ashes on friends and members of my church. A role I hardly imagined myself in because I have not been one who participated in Lenten services on a regular basis or observed the liturgical calendar prior to ordained ministry. The church I was raised in rarely had an Ash Wednesday service and if they did it was because of a couple of young evangelical pastors who were hip to the liturgical calendar. This idea though of giving up something to observe and to remember the Lord is indeed a challenge. It is indeed an act of allowing Jesus to carry my burden. Tod Bolsinger in his blog gives a great example of what it means to allow Jesus to be the one who bears our burdens. Of course my fear is that because I have given something up with the hope of spending more time with the Lord is that I will again become lazy. I guess then my yoke is allowing the Lord to carry my lack of trust that God will walk with me and teach me what it means to truly follow Jesus and to remember what he accomplished on my behalf by his suffering on the cross.


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