The Balance Bar?

What if it were that easy? The Pastors Balance Bar! Filled with the energy needed from the Holy Spirit to give me clarity and a desire to pray constantly! I can market this for sure! In my last post I pondered the question of how do pastors maintain their spirituality in the midst of life? How do I become a pastor who makes prayer apart of my daily routine? To think I’ve spent more time wanting to be able to write and think like other pastors who I admire where I could have had a quiet time or two? I believe my life would look alot different if I had that balance bar. What if that balance bar was the ear God gave me to listen with? I remember in seminary many of a buddy who shared their struggles in being people of prayer. “I can’t believe I spent all this time in seminary and I didn’t learn the most important aspects of a life of spirituality?” Prayer being the most essential way to a balanced life of spirituality. What does it mean to practice as the Psalmist writes to “be still and know that I am God.” I don’t listen enough. I know this about myself. I know what the Lord desires is my ear and my time. This is the place where the Lord meets me the most. When I stop to listen. This is where I should find balance.

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