I believe it is in the book titled “Wounded Healer,” author and pastor Henri Nouwen talks about what would happen if the pastor actually took the time each day to pray? “Good morning, you’ve reached First Presbyterian Church, can I help you?” “Yes, can I speak with the pastor?” “Sorry, the pastor is out today. “This is the day that the pastor takes off to pray.” I have to be completely honest. I’m still trying to find balance as a young pastor (If you call 36 young) when it comes to spiritual practices. How come it seems that the times I’m praying the most are when I’m leading the people in prayer? How does a pastor maintain their spirituality and their relationship with Christ in the midst of the daily grind of church work? How do the seasoned pastors with families, married or not, the mainline evangelical pastors of this generation maintain spirituality? How do they continue their growth as Christians while serving the church? To be continued.


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