Life’s Lessons

When I was a kid my father didn’t spend much time with us boys. I have a vague memory of him spending time with us at a park while he read the paper and we were on the playground. I was with my son Collin yesterday acting as driver for a class field trip at his school. I heard him say to his classmates that he got to go to coffee with me every Thursday and Friday. We usually read the paper (the sports section and the weather), during baseball season we keep up with the baseball scores and most of the time avoid reading about the Sacramento Kings. Most of all for about a half hour we hangout together before school starts. Although our boys love it when we buy them a chocolate milk from Starbucks (the best kept secret for only a buck) I for a moment thought I heard my son say he got to hang out with his dad. I can only pray that’s what he was implying. The lesson for today…use my time wisely.


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