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I love being the Associate Pastor for several reasons. The first reason which I will discuss is that I couldn’t imagine preaching and teaching every Sunday of the year. How do pastors accomplish the task of the proclamation of the Gospel and at the same time pastor their flock? What are the tricks of the trade that seasoned pastors have used for years in getting their sermons ready and at the same time making sure their work is true to the Word being proclaimed? And how do they continue daily knowing that every seven days they need to be on their toes with a Word of hope for the church? In my short time as an ordained minister I still would consider myself wet behind the ears and still in need of a few more years to gain the experience of preaching weekly. I remember a professor once referring to one of John Calvin’s snipits of wisdom inferring to the preachers lack of preparation as sin before God to the people he or she preaches and teaches. The thought of my lack of preparation being sin actually haunts me which keeps me on my toes. What gives me hope and my trust in the work of the Holy Spirit I certainly hope as Calvin thought that the Word I preach and teach from the times I preach is the actual Word of God spoken. So, if there is that one or two sermons that “bomb” on “my” Sunday I am called to preach praise be to God that it is his Word spoken to the hearts and minds of God’s people.


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