My first pageant!

At the church I serve at as family and youth pastor one of the perks I have is that I get to serve and minister to the families and children of our church’s pre-school. Last night I was the narrator of the annual CPC pre-school Christmas pageant. I can’t remember what the pageant was about but I can tell you that the joy of the advent season was felt and experienced among the 200 plus parents and guests in attendance. Sometimes I wonder if I’m needed as a pastor or if I’m making an impact for the Kingdom of God. I often forget too that its not about me. Its about the people of God and the pastors equipping the people of God to be the pastors and teachers of the gospel message. For some reason though I was blessed that there were no sermons. No Christmas carols were sung. No prayers. Just a bunch of pre-school kids who didn’t even realize what actually was taking place. A bunch of kids who were the pastors last night. Last night the proclamation of the gospel was heard, the good news of the Saviors birth was shared, and I didn’t really even need to be there.


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